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Wrebbit Toys and Games Manufacturers
9555 Christophe Colomb
Montreal, Quebec
H2M 2E3

Also in 2000 had the following address
400 Stinson Street
St. laurent, Quebec
H4N 2E9


Wrebbit is likely the largest current manufacturer of Jigsaw puzzles in Canada. I suspect they have been the most successful too since their 3D puzzles have been sold extensively in the USA and other countries.

I am hoping that I will be able to provide much more information on this company including a list of all their puzzles but they are currently updating their website and have asked me to wait until that time. If the website continues to be delayed then I'll do some internet surfing and create my own incomplete puzzle list.

In addition to 3D puzzles, Wrebbit also puts out a more traditional puzzle. However they were not content with just a regular puzzle but developed what they call "perfalock" which allows the puzzle to stay together better and gives an almost invisible fit with the foam backed pieces.

Most recently Wrebbit has joined with Irwin Toys in some arrangement that I'm not certain of and they have obtained the rights to Lord of the Ring license and are making some excellent puzzles from these movies that will likely be some of their more collectable.


There are dozens of 3D puzzles on the market from Wrebbit and I will compile a list as I go along. There are at least four main type of 3D puzzles:

Buildings - the most common (Disneyland example shown.)
Street/Village Scapes - from small to very large puzzles (ie New York City)
Small vehicles/scenes - quite varied from cars to tipis (Covered Bridge - c 1998 example shown)
Distinctive - a catchall category for things such as working clocks

Perfalock Puzzles

This is their newest style although they have been on the market since 2000. I'm not certain if these puzzles were released in a standard series as I only have one. Until I know differently, I will assume this is a series.

Puzzle 1000 (#20006)

Puzzles are 1000 pieces and measure 67.3 cm x 45.5 cm. The series is: