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Wayside Games Ltd.
Saint John, NB


I just recently found 3 puzzles from this company that I had not heard of earlier. Two of the puzzles appear to be reproductions of British puzzles and the third is a new Canadian series. I do not know when this company operated but the quality of the images, the construction of the box with loose paper covering makes me thing these puzzles are WWII vintage.

The Lyric Jig-Saw Puzzle (#W501)

This series looks to be copies of English puzzles. On the side of the box it reads "A Tower Press Jig-Saw" and I think that is a British company. The puzzles or the box cover are also "Printed in England". They are approximately 500 pieces and make a puzzle 20" x 15". On the side of the box there is also the phrase "Guarantee with each puzzle" that I don't know what it means. The puzzles in the series are mentioned on the side:

Canadian Jig-Saw Puzzle (#W503)

This series seems to imply that having Canadian images is important. The side of the box says "Actual Canadian Scenes Lithographed in Full Color" - with "color" spelt the American way. "Guaranteed Over 500 pieces and size is 15" x 19". The puzzles are listed on the box: