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Waddington Saunders Limited
Bramalea, Ontario

Waddingtons is a well known British company that produces games and puzzles worldwide. It is generally called Waddingtons and that is what they have on their boxes. Sometimes it is Waddingtons with just an "s" but other times it is an " 's ". In Canada they sometimes used just the name Waddington but also the name Waddingtons-Saunders with its distinctive WS logo with a Canadian flag.

General Puzzles

Waddington's in Canada released puzzles that were also released elsewhere in the world such as their Jig-Map series both new and old box versions.

Canadian Map

Waddington produced some individual puzzles as well such as a Canadian map puzzle.

True North

One of the best series that Waddington produced was a series of puzzles of Canada's northern territories. This is part of Canada that does not get many puzzle made of. Originally the series had it's own distinctive numbering system. The only one I've seen is:

Caribou (#185-3) copyright 1987

However in the same year it appears that Waddington entered into an agreement with Canada Games to manufacture this series under their joint names with a new numbering system. The one I've seen is:

Dog Team (#40505-4) copyright 1987

The latter very distinctive and an impressive image but the white would make it a very difficult puzzle to do. From the covers there really was no difference to the puzzles but if you looked at the end flaps then you saw the difference:

End Flap: Waddingtons
End Flap: Waddingtons/Canada Games

Later on Canada Games must have bought the rights to this series for they continue to publish them completely under their own name. See the Canada Games section for these puzzles. Eventually Playtoy bought the rights from Canada Games. For comparison, the end flap on the Canada Games version was very similar to the Waddingtons end flaps.

End Flap: Canada Games