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Unknown Manufacturers

This puzzle has no manufacturer or copyright information on th box. It is approximately 500 pieces and it is noted that it is "litho in Canada". Unilingual English and no metric. Box says the series contains two titles:

Through the Forest
Sugaring Off

The Sugaring Off one is a painting by Tom Roberts who I think is a Canadian northern painter. (There is also an Australian painter by the same name but this is a Canadian theme so I've ruled him out.)

I am wondering if this puzzle was done and sold as part of an exhibition that Tom Roberts had? Maybe a museum specialty?

  • Sugaring Off

    Another unknown puzzle is this cardboard tubed puzzle of the Lion and the Mouse. I've seen other puzzles like this too. This one says "Made in Canada" but there is no manufacturer name or copyright information. Contains 54 piees and is approx 12" high. Bilingual but not metric or postal code. If I were to guess, I'd say Regal Stationery.

    Lion and the Mouse