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Playtoy Industries
150 Courtland Avenue
Concord, Ontario
L4K 3T6


I don't have much information on this company but I'm sure that I will learn more. It is a relatively recent company that went into receivership in 1998.

There are a number of products, especially games and puzzles, on the market by Playtoy and many are still on store shelves. Playtoy did buy the rights for some products (i.e. Wizard cards) from Canada Games in 1997 when the latter went out of business. I suspect they bought some rights to puzzles too.

The only Playtoy puzzle I have right now is a True North series, 750 pieces. Since the series number (#40505) is identical to that of the Canada Games True North series then this seems to be one of the items that Playtoy bought from Canada Games. (The same series Canada Games appears to have bought from Waddington-Saunders.

True North (Series 40505)

This one puzzle is #'d 40505-18 so I'm assuming there may be 18 puzzles in this series. This puzzle isn't titled so I've made up one that fits.

Trapper's Cabin