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Parker Brothers
P.O. Box 600
Concord, Ontario
L4K 1B7


Another well know American company that released puzzles in Canada. The more I look, the more variety I find from this company. Some puzzles may just be American series released in Canada but there are some distinctive Canadian puzzles too.

Album Canada Jigsaw

Name is very similar to the next series but the look of the puzzles are very different. This series has different numbering and is specific to one photographer. Comes in two "waves" with 6 puzzles in the first wave and 12 puzzles in the second wave. Over 750 pieces. 18" x 24". Bilingual but no metric or postal codes. The box reads "An exclusive series of original Canadian scenes shot by George Hunter, one of Canada's leading landscape and aerial photographers." The puzzles have B&W images of the other puzzles in the series on the bottom.

The first wave is:

The second wave is:

Album Canada 750

The box I have lists puzzles numbered 09 to 16 so I suspect there is another earlier series from 01 to 08. The ones on the box I have are:

Fluppy Dogs1986

This seems to be a stand alone puzzle for the Disney production of "Fluppy Dogs" which was the pilot for a television series that was never developed. Says "F1082 Assort". 28 x 26 cm. Completely metric - no imperical on puzzle.

Front Page Challenge

Puzzles based on the CBC Televison program were a series of panelists try to figure out the headline from a newspaper, past or present, by clues given by a mysterious guest. The two that I've seen in the series are:

#462 Abdication of Edward VIII
#463 Death of Queen Victoria

Simple Saws

An interesting child's series of 15 piece ( 27 x 35 cm) puzzles. Boxes fully bilingual, metric and with postal codes but images look older. Likely earlier in metric years as centimetres is abbreviated "C.M." instead of "cm". Box lists the following series:

Walt Disney Characters

A great series of 12 puzzles representing various Disney characters. Puzzles were 140 pieces with a puzzle size of 14”x18” (35 cm x 45 cm) Made in Canada Copyright is “Walt Disney Productions”. No date but later than the movie The Rescuers (1977). It looks like the puzzles were released in at least three waves. One wave just shows images of the first four puzzles on the side of the box. The next wave shows images of the first six puzzles. The third wave shows all the puzzles from #7 to #12 but none of the first 6. The titles are: