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I know almost nothing about this company. The only puzzle I have just gives the name "Ontex" and not even "co." or "ltd." No location given - just "Made in Canada". Ms. Williams noted that Ontex produced children's puzzles but the one I have is definately an adult puzzle. Ms. Williams also indicated this company produced puzzles sometime in the period 1946-1975 and I have no reason to disagree. The puzzle I have looks like it would be in 1950's or earlier based on the style, quality of the box and the sketch of the family on the cover. The puzzle twice mentions "superb giant colour-photo" as that were a bit of a novelty. I don't know enough about the history of jigsaw puzzles but I wonder if there was a period after the war when puzzles started to become more common when coloured pictures was a selling point. Puzzle is non-metric, non-bilingual, non-postal code.

Family Fun Time Jig Saw Picture Puzzle (Series A-100)

Puzzles approximately 500 pieces and 20" x 16". My only copy is in poor shape. The following are the titles in the series listed on the side of the box. There is one piece of text destroyed but may have been a ninth title:

Two minor observations about this puzzle:

Jig Saw Fun might be an interesting puzzle to try and locate. If this series is all colour photos then I assume this would be a person or family doing a puzzle. I don't think I've seen a puzzle by any company of people doing puzzles.

The company used the non-American spelling of "colour" on the box but oddly used the American spelling of "harbor" on the side. (I sometimes say "Canadian spelling" but in reality it is either American spelling, as artifically created by Webster to represent American English, or non-American spelling as used in the rest of the English speaking world.)