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Jigsaw Puzzles


This site is set up to try and provide a summary of jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in Canada, past and present and the puzzles that they produced.

The question "What are Canadian jigsaw puzzles?" was difficult to answer. There are many alternatives:

  • Puzzles that show a Canadian image even if produced by a company from another country.

  • Puzzles produced by a Canadian company even if the images are not Canadian but those images are still unique to the manufacturer.

  • Puzzles produced by a Canadian companies and sold only in Canada but the images appear in other countries on puzzles by other manufacturers.

  • Puzzles made by branch companies of American or British companies who usually produce the same puzzles as the parent company but sometimes produce distinctly Canadian puzzles.

For the moment I will focus on puzzles that have Canadian images normally made and sold only in Canada regardless of the company that produced them.

Final note: I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles but I am not a collector. I keep a few that I like but most find their way to friends or back to the thrift shop. There are so many puzzles that I donít plan on doing the same one twice. I started this web to help other people who do collect jigsaw puzzles and wanted some information on Canadian puzzles. I gladly welcome any advice or input and especially information on Canadian jigsaw puzzles.

There is also a special page devoted just to jigsaw puzzle versions of maps of Canada.

If this sounds like a site you would be interested in then please enter.


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