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Dating Canadian
Jigsaw Puzzles

Being new to this area of collecting, I am having both a fun and a frustrating time trying to date Canadian puzzles. There are a number of ways I am trying to date puzzles:

Chronology of Canadian
Puzzle Manufacturers

I may have led you to this section falsely at this time. My knowledge of the chronology is too weak for hardly any discussion but I will add what I know. This section will improve as I can more information:

9999 Sommerville main Canadian puzzle manufacturer
1971? Sommerville merged with/bought out Belkin
9999 Copps Clark buys out Summerville
1984 Canada Games starts
9999 Canada Games buys out Copps Clark
1987 Canada Games manufactures some licenses for Waddington-Saunders
1992 Canada Games buys some licenses from Waddington-Saunders 1997 Canada Games goes out of business
1998 Playtoy buys some licenses from Canada Games
1998 Playtoy goes into receivership
2000 Wrebbit introduces non-3D puzzles

Note: I thought this was an interesting sequence of box ends showing the transition from Waddington to Canada Games to Playtoy.

1987 True North series, Waddington-Saunders
1987 True North Series, Waddington-Saunders/Canada Games
1992 True North Series, Canada Games
1998 True North Series, Playtoy