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Copp & Clark
London, Ontario
N6A 4T2


Copp Clark Ltd.
517 Wellington Street Wets
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1G1

Copp Clark Ltd. has been in operation for many years but I'm not sure how long they made puzzles. They made a variety of early games including holding the rights to produce Monopoly in Canada. The version of Monopoly that I've seen looks to be one of the earlier versions. I've not seen any puzzles that appear to be very old. It appears that they bought the license from Somerville to continue publish puzzles under certain series names. I don't know how long they did this but at some point Canada Games seems to have bought Copp Clark out and continued with the series.

Artist Series (#H040)

This series by Copp Clark is interesting since it appears to have been released in two forms. One is nearly identical to the ones released by Somerville. The only design change was the switching from the Somerville logo to the Copp Clark logo. However at some point there was a change to the box so it's appearance, while still similar, did take on its own identity. Puzzles are 500 pieces (14x19 35.6 cm X 48.3).

Artist series box cover and box end by Somerville
Artist series box cover and box end by Copp Clark.

The only image I have of Copp Clark Artist series in this style is:

Birch Lake

New Logo

Copp Clark went with a new logo for the Artist series and I suspect some time after acquiring the rights from Somerville. The new logo was more stylish and modern. I have seen one puzzle in this series:

Windsor 500 Series (#H942)

Another series title that Somerville used. Puzzle has 500 pieces and is 14" x 19" (35.6 cm x 48.3 cm). Bilingual, Metric and postal code. Have seen only one called:

Colourful Landmark

Note: This puzzle image is identical to the American Fairchild #1548K which is a covered bridge (Joel's/Redstone/US302) near Conway, NH. This bridge is no longer there. This information comes from Jim Reinoehl who has a great site on jigsaw puzzles of covered bridges (