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Canada Games Company61 Wildcat Road
Downsview, ON
M3J 2P5


Canada Games started in 1984 and has produced a wide variety of games and jigsaw puzzles including many licensed products such as Reboot and Star Trek. They also released a number of series that seem generic but use the same names as those used by Somerville and Copp Clark. However they have also produced some distinctly Canadian puzzles of their own.

Canada Games went out of business in 1997.

Canada Games in its 13 year history produced a large number of items still commonly found on store shelves especially in smaller towns. They were agressive in getting licensing rights for Canada for certain items and appeared to have taken over other companies as they progressed.

Artist 40100 Series

This is a 500 piece series of 32 cm x 43 cm (12 7/8" x 17") puzzles that might have both original images and repeat images in the series. I have seen three so far - the puzzles don't have any suffix to the main series number:

In the Somerville section you will see a puzzle series called Artist. This series was continued in almost exactly the same boxes by Copp & Clark. This series of the same name by Canada Games seems to be a continuation of this line. If you look at the image above for "Country Stroll" you will see it is the same image in the Somerville Artist series entitle "Rideau Lakes, Ontario".

Big Ben #40600

This looks like a continuation of the many companies that make Big Ben 1000 piece puzzles. At first I thought these would be generic images but the one I saw was entitled:

Grain Harvest, Ontario

Classic #40500

This series looks like it might be a continuation of the Somerville series of the same name. Made in Canada. 52 cm x 48 cm. 750 pieces. Don't know if the images of Canada since the only one I have seen is too generic:

Covered Bridge

Dynasty Television Series #409501984

A series based on the television series. Made in Canada. Although bilingual - the measurements are imperical only (18" x 24") making me wonder if it was marketed for the US. (Although Dynasty fans have told me they've never seen these puzzles in the States). 551 pieces. Came in large 15" square box.

The subtitle says "TV Series Collection" but I don't know if other TV series were included in this series. For example the Star Trek: The Next Generation series is not part of this. There were at least 3 Dynasty puzzles: